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Creating Depth and Distance in Painting
to make it More Interesting

I've been always asked this interesting question;
How to create depth and distance in painting?

There are few points to consider creating a distance;
Some example including;
  • Use lighter colors at the back; this could be easily accomplished by mixing you foreground colors with white; of course paint ratios depend on how deep you want to push your background further. You have to experiment with mixing colors. Another way to get background objects colors is to use transparent glazes of a complimentary or cool gray color. The second method needs more experience.

  • Reduce the sharpness of the shapes and objects at the background; similar to the camera; keep your focus on the main object.

  • Obviously, background objects are of smaller size than the foreground objects.

  • Use cooler colors for the background; as warm colors appear to advance and cool colors recede. Objects on a distance are cooler. You could study the colors in the Color Wheel Theory page.
Mekdam Nima

Technique and Sketch Examples

A good learning method is to look into examples and practice. We've published sketches using different media and different sketches techniques under the Sketchbook page. Those include the following:
  • Pencil Sketches
  • Charcoal Sketches
  • Graphite Sketches
  • Crayon Sketches
  • Acrylic Sketches
  • Collage & Ink Technique
  • Pencil Hatching Technique
  • Graphite Blending & Reduction Technique

Visual Design

The material of a Visual Design Course is published under the under the Visual Design page, which include the following:
  • Color Wheel Theory
  • Color Mixtures
  • Color Intensity Scale
  • Analogous Colors
  • Neutral Paper Weaving
  • Monochromatic Paper Weaving
  • Bridge Mandala
  • Monochromatic Impressionist Pear
  • Pear Collage
  • Chuck Thomas Close Pear
  • Charlie Brown & Snoopy
  • Color Theory Garden
  • Flat Space
  • Shallow Space
  • Overlap
  • Receding Space
  • One Point Perspective
  • Single Line Tree
  • Ink Line Tree I
  • Ink Line Tree II
  • Monochromatic Tree
  • Josef Albers Tree
  • Vincent Van Gogh Tree
  • George Seurat Tree
  • Chuck Thomas Close Tree
  • Piet Mondrian Tree

More painting tips and tricks will be posted in this page soon.
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